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Goldmare LTD Edition T shirt

£12.00 / Sold Out

To mark the end of The Shrine era and our passing over into a very exciting 2017, we have decided to run a very limited reprint based on the original Broodmare shirt designed by Thingdoer. We bring you the Goldmare. There are only 50 available so get one while stock lasts.

Brothers and sisters of Leviathan. Wear the garments and spread the worship of The Old Gods, as this marks just the beginning of our next chapter.

There is no light. The age of darkness has come.

Worship the old gods.

Remaining Stock:
Small - Last 1 left!
Medium - Sold Out!
Large - Just 3 left!
XL - Sold Out!
2XL - Sold Out!

Shirts also available to buy at upcoming shows or £2 delivery.